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Win10 Business Subscriptions Coming

The Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) is underway right now in Toronto. Surprisingly, it’s proving to be a great source of Windows intelligence. Yesterday, the company announced that it will make Windows 10 Enterprise E3 available by subscription. Subscriptions will be available to business users through partners in its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. The cost will be $7 per seat per month ($84 per year). By itself, this is a good deal for the OS. Better yet, it comes in the context of a managed service provider (MSP) offering. Thus, it also includes deployment, updates, and technical support. Win10 business subscriptions are indeed coming, but outside end-user/retail customer channels and needs.

This blurb comes from the Windows Insider blog post announcing the offering.

In the announcement’s words, this offering seeks to serve “…businesses who do not have dedicated IT resources or limited IT staff, and want their licensing and IT needs managed by a trusted and experienced partner.” This extends the menu of items that CSPs can offer to customers to what MS calls a “full IT stack.” That now includes Windows 10, Office 365, Dynamics Azure and CRM. All will come on a per-user/per-month basis from a single source. Businesses can even scale up or scale down the number of seats as their needs change.

Benefits of Win10 Business Subscriptions

In discussing the benefits of business subscriptions, MS specifically mentions certain”key features:”

  • Increased security, thanks to enhanced capabilities to manage identity and sensitive data built into Windows 10.
  • Simplified licensing and deployment: built-in auditing, license management, and compliance checks help keep OS and software use up-to-date, documented, and paid for. Business can even “move from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise E3 without rebooting” per the announcement.
  • Partner-managed IT: partners will provide device configuration and management. They can also help businesses develop device security and management strategies based on Windows 10’s security features. Businesses can check on subscriptions for Windows 10 and other MS cloud-based items online. MS also touts “easier management with one contract, one user account, one support contact, and one simplified bill.”

I believe this could be a huge deal for SMBs. In fact, it could very well provide some much-needed impetus to spur migration to the new OS. Thus, this offer could spur a changeover sooner and in greater numbers than the history for previous Windows versions suggests. That response could even eclipse the uptake of the two most popular prior Windows versions — namely, XP and Windows 7. Bravo, MS: Win10 business subscriptions could be a silver bullet of sorts!