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Win10 Desktop Marketshare Nov17

Every now and then, I like to take a look at Windows 10’s so-called “Desktop Marketshare.” This means turning to a variety of sites that track such things. My go-to sites are NetMarketShare,, and Statcounter. In checking out Win10 desktop marketshare Nov17, I noticed some potent differences across these sources. Let’s look at some numbers, OK?

What’s Up with Win10 Desktop Marketshare Nov17?

Yesterday, November 6, I visited all three of those sites. There, I  checked numbers for Windows 10, especially as compared to Windows 7. Here’s what I found, in brief tabular form:

Comparing Win10 Marketshare, Nov17
Site Windows 7 Windows 10
NetMarketShare 46.63% 29.26% 48.03% 43.23%
Statcounter 42.67% 40.95%

I’ve heard plenty of folks call the Netmarketshare numbers into question. I read that they report only on sites that use their visit counting tools or belong to their site network. But I also notice that the numbers for Windows 7 are clustered much closer together (maximum difference 5.36%). By stark contrast, the Windows 10 numbers are more scattered (maximum difference 16.97%). Thus, I can’t help but take issue with Netmarketshare’s Windows 10 share estimate, for being too low with respect to the other two reporting sites.

I am indeed inclined to believe that around 4 of every 10 Windows desktops that access the Internet run Windows 10. This applies especially in the USA, as evidenced by the .gov site. (It’s most likely to attract its visits from within the USA.) But I’m curious to understand other components of the difference. Looks like Netmarketshare sees a lot more XP, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 that the other two sites do. And for sure, plenty of die-hards do still run older Windows versions.

But, FWIW, I’ll put my credence into Statcounter and Over the past couple of years their reporting has tracked my own personal observations more closely than NetMarketShare has. And what I see coming is visualized best at Statcounter, where the upward curve for Windows 10 and the downward curve for Windows 7 look likely to intersect very soon. If not this month (Nov17) then next month for sure (Dec17). Stay tuned!