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Win10 Eyecandy Desktop Themes

The Windows desktop offers plenty of personalization controls to enable users to improve how desktops appear on screen.  This includes the ability to incorporate any number of way-attractive Win10 eyecandy desktop themes. This trick takes three steps:

1. Download images you’d like to see,
2. Put them in a directory where you can find them
3. Make some key personalization settings.

Here’s a screen capture that shows how I employ a set of panoramic forest scenes to show something different and idyllic every 10 minutes.

Tere are several important observations to make about using this tool. I’ll tackle them in the same order in which they appear above.

Download Win10 Eyecandy Desktop Themes

Microsoft offers oodles of Desktop Themes for download online. I like to pick panoramic items because my production desktop has two full HDI monitors side-by-side. That way, I can use a single image to span both monitors with tasty images of my choosing. The Microsoft stuff is generally great, but you can also try out this Google search to browse through countless third-party purveyors as well.

Put Win10 Eyecandy Desktop Themes in a Folder

Once you’ve grabbed a theme you need to be able to find it for re-use. I usually create a folder named “Themes” with named subfolders (“themetest” for this blog post) to pick from. You also need to unpack the contents of the themepack or other file layouts. I use 7-zip, which can extract the contents of just about anything, to pull those images out into my target older.

Settings for Win10 Eyecandy Desktop Themes

The key to seeing the results of your work is to right-click anywhere on the desktop that’s not occupied by an icon or open window. Select Personalization from the resulting pop-up menu, and you’ll see a display like the one depicted above. You want to browse to the folder where you put your theme’s images, using the Browse button. Then select a time interval at which the picture will update, and turn Shuffle On (to keep them changing). For a panoramic view, you must also choose the value named “Span” in Choose a fit. Other options include: Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Center. They are pretty easy to understand so I won’t explain them. Or, you can fool around with this setting to “learn by seeing” what they do. Easy-peasy.