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Win10 Fall Creators Update Hits October 17

OK,  now we’ve got a date for the next major public upgrade to Windows 10. In a post to the Windows blogs, EVP Terry Myerson made it official. Here’s the first sentence : “The next update of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, will be available worldwide October 17.” He goes on to tout “an evolution to the photos experience” that lets users put visuals together with “photos, videos and 3D effects.” He also mentions “enhancements in gaming, security, accessibility, and …Mixed Reality,” too. This raises the question “When the Win10 Fall Creators update hits October 17,” how will this new release be received?

The blog post headline puts the 10/17 date right out there.

What to Expect When Win10 Fall Creators Update Hits October 17

After the 1703 build went out the door in April, we witnessed a loooooong rollout to the user base.  I gave up waiting on my wife’s PC in August, myself. I’d decided to hold back and wait for MS to push the update to that machine to see when MS got around to it. But when August came and had almost gone, I decided to jump to 1703 anyway, and used the media creation tool (MCT) to force matters to completion. In fact, some PCs still haven’t received the previous upgrade, even as the new one gets queued up with about five weeks to go before release day. One wonders if the next upgrade will be subject to the same long, drawn-out process.

I’ll probably end up jumping early on most of my PCs, using the Download Windows 10 page to grab a current version of the MCT on or after October 17. I imagine many others will do likewise. It should be interesting to see how quickly the user base jumps on the upgrade bandwagon. It will also be interesting to see if more business users climb onto the Current Branch for Business (CBB), currently at Version 1607 (Build 14393.1593), which will probably increment to 1703 (at whatever Build is current come October 17, 2017) when Win10 Fall Creators Update hits October 17. As of May 2017, about 12.5% of the estimated 500 million Windows 10 users were in businesses (source: