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Win10: If KB3020114 Won't Install, Try This

Earlier this week, MS released a Windows 10 Update named KB3020114 “Explorer.exe continuously crashes after you upgrade…” Although many Technical Preview users reported difficulties with installation, in the absence of an error message from Windows Update, I assumed my Win10TP machine had digested and added the update without difficulties. I assumed wrong: when I checked that machine this morning after reading Woody Leonhard’s excellent InfoWorld article entitled “Fix arrives for KB 3020114 bug — thanks to a user” and I saw that WU was still proffering the same update to me as if nothing had happened when I attempted the install earlier this week, I realized I too had fallen victim to this issue.


After 5 failed install attempts, the workaround finally results in success.

As described in Woody’s article, and in a story by Paul Thurrott, the workaround needed to get the update to install requires first uninstalling KB items 3019269, 3018943, 3016725, and 3016656 (to do that, choose Programs and Features in Control Panel, then View Installed Updates, then select and uninstall the items listed one-by-one until all are gone: there’s no need to reboot after any of those update items go away, even though the uninstaller prompts you to do so). Next, you’ll return to Windows Update where instead of being proffered the previous four items again, you’ll be proffered three of them plus 3020114 but not 3016656. Install all of them, and you should be all caught up with Windows Update, including KB3020114.

What happened to KB3016656? Nobody who knows anything is saying doodly-squat. But at least, the workaround sets Windows 10 back on the straight and narrow. Sigh.

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