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Win10: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight. Really?

Users who haven’t used the GWX Control Panel to remove the “Get Windows 10” stuff from Windows 7 or 8.1 systems are now faced with an interesting choice when that runtime facility triggers in the OS. Here’s what it looks like:

If you didn’t know better, you’d have to believe what it says…
[Source: InfoWorld 12/15/2015]

To the untutored eye, it looks like the user MUST upgrade to Windows 10. If not immediately, then later on over the remains of the same day. But that’s not really the case: one need only close the window without selecting either option (the “Alexandrine solution,” from the story of the Gordian knot), and then make sure to uncheck the box for the Windows 10 upgrade option the next time one chooses to run Windows Update. No upgrade required, unless it’s a matter of free and unfettered choice.

Of course, there’s been another hue and cry about Microsoft’s weasel ways in using all of its considerable wiles to move users up from their current older versions of Windows to Windows 10. InfoWorld’s story does a pretty good job of detailing the skulduggery of which MS has been accused including installation of the GWX program dating back to April 2015, nagging from a balloon notification emerging from the system tray to inform users that the upgrade is ready to install, background downloads of the necessary upgrade files (a 3 to 5 GB load on the drive where the Download directory lives), and even accidental selection of the checkbox in Windows Update to fire off the upgrade in October.

I can understand why MS wants to move users up to its latest and greatest desktop OS, but I have a little more trouble understanding why they think it’s necessary to badger, bludgeon, and bedazzle users into making that upgrade so forcibly. I’m still running 8.1 on a test system so I can try stuff out in that OS, and I have Windows 7 VMs at my disposal, so I’ve been there and done that. But I have also installed — and updated — the GWX Control Panel on all of those installations, both physical and virtual, ’cause I just got tired of dealing with it. Sigh.