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Win7 Games On Win8 (and Win10)

Here’s something I hadn’t seen before, on the lighter side. Check out the following screen shot, which shows the Windows 7 game collection running on the Windows 8 desktop (it works on the Windows 10 preview, too, according to Russian blogger and Windows maven Sergey Tkachenko).


Windows 7 games windows on the left, Windows 8 system widget on the right, thanks to a clever tool.

The clever tool that makes this possible is a zipped install file at entitled “Windows-7-Games-For-Windows-8-8.1-32-and” Tkachenko describes the download and install process, liberally illustrated with screenshots, in a recent blog post entitled “Get Windows 7 games for Windows 10.” For long-time Windows users like me, who learned to appreciate these games as far back as Windows XP, this makes a welcome return possible for some familiar inhabitants of the Windows desktop. Today’s blog post certainly doesn’t count as anything more than a waste of time, but it does bring back some software I’m glad to be able to use again (and again…) myself. If you feel likewise, be sure to grab and install the afore-linked download!

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