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Win8 Gains New chkdsk Features

This morning, I was poking around on the Windows 8 Forums site, and found a nifty tutorial on the improved check disk (chkdsk) utility that’s been built into Windows pretty much since Day 1 of its nearly three decades of life. Alas, there is an error in that tutorial that caused me a bit of stumbling around until I finally had the intelligence to call on the utility’s own built in help file (shown in the following screenshot, along with my attempt to use this new feature which garbage collects unneeded security descriptor data on the target drive):

Upon looking at the file I recognized that the security descriptor switch in the tutorial appears as “sdccleanup” when it should instead be “/sdcleanup”; likewise, “offlinescanandfix” should be “/offlinescanandfix” as well. But with these minor gaffes corrected, I was able to explore the new capabilities and see how they worked. I can’t say that the changes are laden with drama, but they do offer some nice new capabilities, including the security descriptor cleanup (which will recover increasingly more space on drives as files are added then deleted over time) and the spot fix capability, which performs limited repairs without requiring a system reboot (except when they are required on the system/boot volume, which will have to be performed immediately following the next reboot).

Good stuff: check it out!

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