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Win8.1 Spring Update on MSDN

[Update: 1:40 PM CST after Nadella’s Keynote at BUILD ends]
The Windows 8.1 Update downloads are now available via MSDN. Here’s a screenshot of what’s up there, straight from the lastest “New Subscriber Downloads” list:


There are 6 new Windows 8.1 Update 1 items available for download, as shown here.

Only four of these items (numbered 2 through 6 on the following list) are Windows 8.1 only one each 32 and 64 bit, one each with and without Internet Explorer (the European N version lacks the IE browser usually bundled with US release versions). There is also a bundled update with 8.1, Server 2012 R2, and Embedded 8.1 Industry Update in 64-bit only. I’ll be playing primarily with the 8.1 x64 version myself, and reporting on it soon.

[Original Early AM Post]
The MS Build Conference gets underway today, and rumors are already starting to circulate that the Spring Update for Windows 8.1 will be appearing soon, perhaps even today as well. I just jumped up to MSDN and see nothing on the download pages there just yet, nor can I find any valid download links to grab the latest release, either. Sites as varied as and are reporting that the bits will become available today, well ahead of the originally projected April 8 drop date.


If Win8.1 had a logo, this is what it might look like. Even though it doesn’t, it may be gaining a “Spring Update” today.

Here’s a quote from BGR on timing and availability:

Developers who have MSDN subscriptions will receive Windows 8.1 Update 1 on April 2nd, once the company unveils the new features in Update 1. Everyone else will receive the update beginning April 8th.

I’ll keep checking MSDN every couple of hours or so, if not more often, and will report back if and when the bits show up today. It’s still only 6:19 AM in Redmond, so it could be a while. If the timing is anything like that for Patch Tuesday, the usual drop time is 11 AM PST (-08:00 UCT), which means we still have four-plus hours to wait before it becomes available. Stay Tuned!

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Yup, it arrived at MSDN today (April 2, 2014, in the afternoon EDT).

Comes as both an "update" for an already installed OS and as a full OS ISO, in both x86 and x64 editions.

Indeed so, sir. I've downloaded the x64 version already and plan to install it on a test machine tomorrow. Thanks!