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Winaero mines Alt+Tab key combos, nice tool

Sergey Tkachenko, who’s the mind behind the excellent site and blog, struck paydirt recently with his post on working with the Alt+Tab key combo in modern Windows versions (I’ve tried his tricks on both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and they work nicely, not so sure about Windows 7 any more now that I don’t have a running installation at my disposal). He also points out his own free utility, called Alt Tab Tuner VIII (which works for both Windows 8 and 10 versions, version number notwithstanding) and lets users tweak and tune how Windows behaves when you strike Alt + Tab in numerous interesting and helpful ways.

The key combos to try out are as follows:

1. Ctrl + Alt + Tab leaves the Alt+Tab select box onscreen even after you release the keys. It sticks around until you make a selection, then hit the Enter key to switch the display to that view.


From left to right: IE, Chrome, Outlook alarm, Outlook UI, Desktop.

2. First, press and hold the left-hand Alt key. Second, press and release the right-hand Alt key. Third, use the Tab key to toggle among the switcheroo options that appear. This presents an old-fashioned Alt + Tab select box that Sergey sez goes all the way back to Windows 98. It does show modern icons, though, on Windows 8 and 10 versions. Don’t let go of the Tab key until you pick the icon you want to bring to the foreground, or you’ll find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be!

Check it out, and have fun playing around.

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