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Windows 10 Updates Internet PCs

There’s an interesting potential gotcha in the Windows 10 update process. Deep down in the Settings hierarchy lives a pane entitled “Choose How Updates Are Delivered,” that controls where updates come from and even opens the door to sharing downloads from Microsoft with other network peers. In fact, by default Windows 10 Updates Internet PCs! Here’s what that screen looks like:

By default the bottom radio button is selected, which means your PC can turn to “PC’s on the Internet” to obtain or provide updates. Yikes!

To me, it’s mind-boggling that MS elected to make peer-sharing to include nearby Internet users outside the local LAN the default for sharing updates. This not only poses potential security issues, it is also unlikely to please customers on a bandwidth cap of some kind who may find that sharing updates with other PCs nearby ends up counting toward their monthly consumption of bits and bytes.

Turn Off Windows 10 Updates Internet PCs

If you simply click the radio button as shown in the preceding screencap, you’ll turn off the default selection that brings nearby peer PCs on the Internet into the mix. On the other hand, you can always move the slider above the “Get Updates…” instructions to turn this peer update option off entirely. IMHO, either of these options is entirely preferable to the default that automatically includes PCs outside own’s purview and control in the list of potential sources and sinks for Microsoft update packages.

This discovery is so odd, in fact, that it once again triumphantly proves the old saying that “Truth is stranger than fiction.” You just can’t make this kind of stuff up. But whether you’re amused or bemused by this revelation, please be sure to pick a different option for how updates get delivered through the Advanced Options windows in Windows Update as presented in Windows 10 Settings.