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Windows 7 Family Pack Sales Now Underway

Right now for $149.99 (or $145 at Amazon, if you’d care to bargain hunt) you can pick up a 3-license upgrade pack for Windows 7 Home User. This is truly one of those “act fast, supplies are limited” deals, too. Last year, MS offered the same deal and it lasted less than three weeks, which makes it tempting to speculate that they built a certain number of packages for this offering. When they ran out, the offering ended. I’d be very surprised if things didn’t turn out the same way this time around, too.

Not much different from the standard Win7 DVD retail package

While those supplies do last, you can pick them up at all the usual e-tailers or at the Microsoft Store. What’s fascinating to me is the Microsoft has to do special, limited-time promotions to push these multipacks out of the door. You’d think they’d want to make these available all the time, and get more copies of Windows out there in the world.

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