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Windows 7 Has Nearly Twice as Many Users as Vista

According to a story published on SoftPedia on August 16, 2010, Windows 7 has doubled down on Vista, and now owns 17.39% of the desktop operating system marketshare. At the same time, Vista’s share has fallen to 10.78%. By my reckoning that means that the ratio between Windows 7 and Vista is more like 100 copies of the former for every 62 copies of the latter (in round numbers, the actual ratio is 100:61.98) which isn’t as close to 2-to-1 as the headline might lead one to expect.

Nevertheless, it’s another pretty major confirmation of the doomed status of Windows Vista, and yet another affirmation that Windows 7 continues to come on strong, strong, strong. This is not only confirmed by MIcrosoft’s market tracking in-house (which indicated that Windows 7 surpassed Vista in June, 2010) but also by independent company Internet Metrics which reported that Windows 7 is the second most-heavily-used desktop OS as of July, 2010.

Now, if the numbers for enterprise adoptions come in the way Microsoft says (and probably also fervently hopes) they will, indeed there should be over 300 million copies of Windows 7 in circulation by the end of 2010. Zounds!

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