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Windows 7 Now Off Mainstream Support

OK folks, here’s a transition point for you to note. As of today, January 14, Windows 7 is no longer on mainstream support at Microsoft. Going forward, it will get no new functionality, no new service packs, nor bug fixes that are not security-related. Should IT pros be concerned? Not really: MS will continue to provide extended support — yes, that’s right, it means security fixes only from now on — until six years from today (January 14, 2020: a Thursday, should you care to know). Here’s a snippet from Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search (search string = “Windows 7”) by way of both illustration and confirmation:

OK then: Windows 7 transitions from mainstream support to extended support, but still has six years of effective life left.

Does this mean it’s time to drop everything, and start migrating like crazy from Windows 7 to 8 or beyond? Heck, no! But it is a signal that Windows 7 will become increasingly distant from the latest features and functions making their way into newer versions of Windows. For those who pondered Windows 8 versions and declined that opportunity, it means that Windows 10 will be the first illustration of what (mostly business) users might have to forgo to maintain the status quo. This will be easy at first, but will get harder over time.

My best guess is that enterprises and organizations should start paying attention to new Windows versions, starting with 10, and begin planning for migration when and as they see features, functions, and reliability/stability good enough to go for emerge. This could be a couple of years out (which should take us through some interesting evolution in Windows, given the company’s new “rapid update cadence”) or it could be longer. Time will tell. But it’s only time to start thinking about migration, and getting ready to plan for same, rather than time to get moving down that trail.