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Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Helpful Even Post-Upgrade

The obvious use for the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor (W7UA) program is to evaluate and report on hardware running some earlier version of Windows to help professionals prepare for an upgrade to that OS. But it’s also the case that if you run the W7UA on a machine already running Windows 7, it will still identify potential issues with installed hardware or software even after the fact.

At the bottom, W7UA tells you which programs need upgrades for Win7

At the bottom, W7UA tells you which programs need upgrades for Win7

I was forcibly reminded of this the other day, when I ran the program to refresh my memory about its operation to answer a question from a student in a class I’m teaching right now. At the time, I noticed several programs that needed updates, including Acronis True Image Home (now available in a Win7-friendly 2010 version) and also Norton Internet Security (also now available in a 2010 flavor as well). The only program still showing–Alex Feinman’s handy little ISO Recorder utility–is actually also updated to version 3.1 (which supports Windows 7 and works fine on my system), but mis-reports itself as vesion 3.0 (which predated Windows 7 and didn’t support the new OS 100%).

Contrary to what you might expect, it may be worth running this tool again on systems you upgrade to Windows 7 after the upgrade is complete, just to make sure all the software is up to snuff as well.

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