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Windows 8 Start Button Still Off the Table (or Tablet...)

I’m not completely sure that the status of a Start Menu in Windows 8 isn’t a tempest in a teapot, but the controversy around this topic continues unabated. The Microsoft Pri0 (MS-speak for “Top Priority”) column at The Seattle Times (a frequent source of “inside scoop” on all things Microsoft and Widows related) ran a piece last Friday entitled ‘Nomura on Windows 8: “Microsoft will not be adding back the Start Button.”

The item that ran comes from meetings that finance firm Nomura Securities held with investors that week, along with Tami Reller, head of marketing and CFO for the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft. Reller did address issues related to user distress and confusion about desktop navigation in Windows 8. The piece also states that “…though Windows 8 users can go into the familiar, traditional desktop mode, they have to first go through the OS”s new Metro user interface and continue to use some of the new Metro commands to get back to the Start screen, which has replaced the Start button.”

According to sources at Nomura, “… the Start Button will remain gone…” but Microsoft will provide a tutorial to instruct keyboard and mouse users about new commands they can use to get around in the new OS, so they won’t feel lost when first getting to know Windows 8. I’ve been working with it for over a month now myself, and still need to find ways to get to programs and utilities I wish to use from time to time. This should be an interesting issue to watch, as continuing UI kinks get worked out.

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