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Windows 8 Works For World Peace...Sort of...

Here’s one for the record books — though perhaps not, when you pause to think about it further. This New Yorker headline from The Borowitz Report kind of says it all: “North Korean Missile Test Delayed by Windows 8.” Seems that the North Koreans updated their missile testing environment from Windows 95 (!) to Windows 8 sometime last year (presumably, on or after October 26, when Windows 8 made its commercial debut). I spent a fruitless hour or so combing through the past 3 days’ press releases from the Korean Central News Agency (the official press outlet for the DPRK) without being able to find the original, much to my disappointment. Word has it (via Borowitz) that in addition to his displeasure with the South Korean and US governments, President Kim Jong Un also has considerable pique left over for Microsoft, too.


Even thermonuclear Armageddon must take a back seat to Windows bugs, it seems!

While I see no signs that the DPRK will tone down its hyper-aggressive threats and bombast, it’s nice to know that their plans for world domination can fall prey to the same kinds of mundane problems as everybody else’s. And though most of the world domination that Windows 8 helps to fuel is of the business variety rather than the geopolitical kind, I’m sure there are plenty of cases where bugs and gotchas have delayed or derailed those kinds of plans, too.

At any rate, this gave me a much-needed laugh for this Friday morning, so I thought I would pass it on here. Enjoy!

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