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Windows 8 and ARM processors

An interesting rumor popped up on SlashGear this morning, in an article from Chris Davies entitled “Windows 8 on ARM stable release in February tip developers.” It seems that despite earlier issues with the stability of the developer preview for Windows 8 on ARM CPUs, another, much more stable release of Windows 8 will be released in February — again for developers — to coincide with the “customer preview” release of Windows 8 for x86 CPUs that heralds another milestone in the march to RTM (release to manufacturing) and GA (general availability).

Citing sources from CNET, Davies said “…there’s no obvious reason that [an] ARM-vesion of Windows 8 … should be ‘staggered’ from the traditional x86 build.” Furthermore, the same sources opined that “…ARM alternatives to Intel and AMD based Windows 8 machines could ‘undercut them by hundreds of dollars…'” Given the popularity of chips from Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, among others (these two companies showed Windows 8 prototypes at this year’s CES), for smartphones, this could be a huge coup for Microsoft in finally making a dent in that non-PC marketplace.

Should be very interesting to see how all this plays out. Stay tuned!

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