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Windows 8.1 Preview Countdown Underway

11:30 Preview is available!!!


Here it is! Keep reading for more information…

The x64 download is 3,580 MB, the x86 is 2,660 MB (DVD format, which involves extra files). Starting my downloads now, more to follow soon. The x64 download is reporting an increasing download wait that’s gone up from 18 to 30 minutes as I watch. The servers are no doubt being banged very hard. I’ll grab the x86 version after the x64 version finishes downloading.

12:12 PM The x64 download actually took 47 minutes to complete, now getting the x86 download underway. Starts out at 11 minutes, quickly jumps to 20 minutes. Actual download time: 24 minutes. Not too bad, all things considered. That’s it for today’s post!

11:00AM CDT Nothing changed yet… (prior changes posted at 10, 10:30…)

09:35AM CDT MSDN Downloads looks like this right now, indicating that while Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 downloads are available right now, Windows 8.1 has yet to appear. I’ll keep updating this page throughout the day, so readers will know when they can start banging away at Akamai’s servers to grab their very own copy:


Nothing new under the Windows heading just yet, but it’s only 7:35 AM on the West Coast right now. I expect something to appear about 11 AM CDT/9 AM PDT. Stay tuned!

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