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Windows 8.1 Update: Ready or Not, the Deadline Is at Hand!

Next Tuesday, June 10, is not only Patch Tuesday for the month, but also represents the point in time by which those running Windows 8.1 who get their updates from Microsoft Update or Windows Update MUST have applied the April 2014 Windows 8.1 Update patches to keep receiving patches and fixes for their Windows installations (those who use WSUS or other staging services to get updates, usually internally managed, have until Patch Tuesday next month — August 2014, that is — to do likewise). With a major and important fix for a long-standing Internet Explorer vulnerability (Larry Seltzer says it’s likely to appear as security bulletin MS14-030) in the mix, and another remote code execution vulnerability labeled “critical” that affects all supported versions of Windows (including Server Core), plus various other server add-ons and even MS office (2007 and 2010), it’s probably a good idea to get right with those April updates before next Tuesday rolls around.

A preview of the seven updates scheduled for next Tuesday from the MS Advance Notification.

Of course, the real issue in achieving a successful application of the Windows 8.1 Update is in KB2919355, about which I have blogged repeatedly in the past couple of months (and about which Woody Leonhard has done the best job of digging into the dirty details over at InfoWorld; see my post “Woody Gets Down and Dirty on KB 2919355 Details” for pointers and links). For most Windows 8.1 installs, KB 2919355 (which includes a new installer that is apparently involved in such problems as can occur) mounts without a hitch. But for a certain and tangible percentage of Windows 8.1 installs, applying KB2919355 fails, provoking a pretty spectacular array of error codes (7 or 8 at last report, with more still possibly remaining to be reported). For those unlucky few for whom such failures occur, a reinstallation of Windows 8.1 seems to be the surest fix (a thankless and time-consuming task). But that’s how things work, or sometimes not, in Windows-land. For those in need of next Tuesday’s updates, and in this fix, it’s time to get cracking to prepare for that deadline…

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I have a start button from IObit which was installed for me a few months ago by an IT company. They said I didn't need to get Win 8.1, since this is better.

Now i don't know what to do.

Ron: You should still apply the updates, whether or not you have a start menu for Windows 8.1. I use Start8 (Stardock Software) on all of my Windows 8.* systems myself, and I am still applying all of the updates and patches from Windows Update anyway. HTH, --Ed--
Thanks, Ed. That's very helpful.