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Windows Key Shortcuts in Win10

Thanks to a recent article at I came across this weekend, I’ve been wondering if there isn’t some master repository of keyboard shortcuts for the latest and soon-to-be-greatest Windows desktop OS. That article was entitled “7 Quick Tips & Hacks to Optimize Your Windows 10 Experience” and appeared last Thursday (3/12/2015), and came to me the long way around via who in turn picked it up from (all good sites, BTW). But after looking around for an exhaustive, all-encompassing source for Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts I don’t seem to be able to find one. I went through the most common combinations to see what I could learn for myself, but would request that those who know of other sources for such info please share it in comments here.

Properly used, keyboard shortcuts can be real time-savers in Windows. Using them means knowing which combos produce desired — and intended — results.

Alphabetic Windows-Key combos
If a letter is missing from the list below, that means it didn’t cause anything to happen on either of the two Win10 test machines I ran it on. That may or may not be significant, so please consider this an experimental reference rather than an authoritative one.

Windows-A     Launches Action Center
Windows-D     Launches (or switches) active Windows Desktop(s)
Windows-E     Launches File Explorer
Windows-F     Launches Search pane
Windows-H     Launches Share pane
Windows-I     Launches Settings pane
Windows-K     Launches Connect utility (Bluetooth)
Windows-L     Launches Lock screen
Windows-P     Launches Connect utility (Bluetooth)
Windows-R     Launches Run dialog box
Windows-U     Launches Ease of Access Center widget
Windows-X     Launches Administrative Tools menu
Windows-1     Launches first application from taskbar, left-to-right
   ...           ...
Windows-<n>   Launches nth application from taskbar (n is limited by number of items visible)
Windows-+     Launches magnifier widget

I’m going to have to do some more research before I can assemble a reasonably complete set of multi-key Windows keyboard shortcuts (like the famous “three-fingered salute” of CRTL-ALT-DEL that brings up the shift user pane, or Shift-ALT-ESC which brings up Task Manager). I’ll pull this together over the next week or two and follow up with another posting on that topic.