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Woo hoo! NVMe Boot Speedup Achieved

In late January/early February, I built myself a new desktop PC around an Asrock Z170 Extreme 7+ mobo and a blazing-fast Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD. Ever since I got my system up and running, I’ve been both bewildered and frustrated by that system’s boot behavior. Even with Fast Boot enabled, the motherboard splash screen would hang around … and around … and around … for quite some time before getting boot underway. I timed it on several occasions, and the delay averaged at 1:08 between the time the Asrock logo showed up, and the time it flashed to let me know that actual boot-up was doing something. I was kind of disappointed because I expected a superfast boot time. I was definitely in need of an NVMe boot speedup!

So I started poking around online and in the BIOS, looking for the relief I knew had to be there somewhere. I noted that in the Boot Option Properties, the “Fast Boot” option supported three values — namely, Disabled, Fast Boot, and Ultra Fast boot. Furthermore, the  description text for Ultra Fast indicates that the system boots so quickly, one must download and install a special software utility for Windows called ASRock Restart to UEFI. Otherwise, there’s not enough time to hit the F2 or Del(ete) key to tell the motherboard to boot you into UEFI instead of jumping straight into the OS boot-up sequence.

Yes! I *WANT* something that’s so fast I can’t squeeze in a keystroke…

Obtaining a Satisfactory NVMe Boot Speedup

Without further ado, I downloaded the Restart to UEFI tool, installed it and confirmed that it worked as promised. Shoot: I think I like it better than the keystroke method because I sometimes get distracted when it’s time to start pecking away and miss the window to invoke UEFI anyway. On the next reboot, I went into the Boot Option Properties and elected the Ultra Fast setting for Fast Boot. On the following reboot the system didn’t show any changes in behavior and I found myself wondering if it was all just some kind of cruel hoax.

So I went about my business and continued working on other stuff on that PC. When a new version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology led to another system reboot I was surprised and pleased to see the system boot in under 7 seconds from start to the Windows 10 login/lock screen window. I guess the Ultra Fast boot really lives up to its name: it’s just that I had to boot twice after enabling that feature for it to actually get to work. It looks like I did manage to achieve a very nice NVMe boot speedup. Go figure!