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Yes, There Is a Flash Update for IE 10, But ...

Despite MS having promised to provide an update for the insecure version of Adobe Flash integrated into IE 10 in Windows 8 “soon” (see my 9/12/2012 blog post on this subject) I hadn’t seen the update come across the transom yet, and wondered what the story was. A little online research turned up this IEBlog post entitled “IE 9.0.10 Available via Windows Update,” which explains that Security Update MS12-063 (“Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2744942)”) released on 9/21/2012 addresses the flash issue among other reported problems with IE versions from 7 through 10. Sure enough, I checked my Update History in Windows 8, and here’s the relevant line that shows up therein:

The info comes from KB article 2755399
The info comes from KB article 2755399

Nevertheless, when I run Secunia PSI on my Windows 8 machine, it still claims that Adobe Flash player still needs updating on that system for the 64-bit version, as shown in this screen snippet

The update is installed but PSI's still not happy.

The update is installed but PSI’s still not happy.

After some further digging around, I found a passel of downloads in the cited KB2755399 article that included a Microsoft Installer executable for x64-based systems, which I proceeded to download and install. After restarting my Windows 8 test machine as per the installer’s request, Secunia still reports that Adobe Flash player is out of date! This creates something of a Catch-22 until Windows 8 GA on October 25, because Secunia’s official policy is that it doesn’t support beta OSes, even though their software (mostly) runs fine with Windows 8.

My gut feel is that the issue should be resolved with the application of Windows Update item KB2755399, but we can’t get official confirmation from Secunia until Windows 8 goes into official public release later this month. Stay tuned!

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