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  • Boot Win10 From USB Media

    Ed Tittel 07 Sep 2016
  • When SSDs and fast boot settings are normal for PCs, booting from alternate sources is tricky. Here's how to boot Win10 from USB media using OS directives.

  • Discovering WMIC (WMI command-line)

    Ed Tittel 06 Sep 2016
  • Discovering WMIC gives nearly complete access to Windows Management Interface (WMI) capabilities. For admins who write command-line tools it's a treasure.

  • VDI storage horizons broadening

    Margaret Jones - Executive Editor 06 Sep 2016
  • Storage is a critical part of a successful VDI deployment; most IT administrators already know this. There are many different reasons VDI can fail, but one of the most persistent -- pun intended -- ...

  • Windows Marketshare Jul-Aug 2016

    Ed Tittel 03 Sep 2016
  • Looking at Windows Marketshare Jul-Aug 2016, we see Windows 7 holding steady, 10 continuing upward, and other versions declining.

  • One Month On, Win10 AU Doesn't Auto-Apply

    Ed Tittel 31 Aug 2016
  • When I fired up a test install of Build 1511 this morning, I was amazed to observe that Win10 AU doesn't auto-apply when running Windows Update. Manual update proved necessary.

  • US DoD Win10 Rollout Deadlines Slip

    Ed Tittel 29 Aug 2016
  • Despite a mandate to update by 2017, are US DoD Win10 rollout deadlines slipping into 2018? Looks likely!

  • (New) RAPR v0.8 on GitHub

    Ed Tittel 26 Aug 2016
  • DriverStore Explorer is now RAPR v0.8 on GitHub. This great tool cleans up obsolete Windows drivers with new and cleaner GUI.

  • Admin Toolbox: SG TCP Optimizer

    Ed Tittel 24 Aug 2016
  • The SG TCP Optimizer, a free tool from broadband specialists at, tunes Internet connections to speed them up and smooth them out. Good stuff!

  • Possible Fix for Win10 AU Webcam Fail

    Ed Tittel 22 Aug 2016
  • A pair of quick registry tweaks may help restore those experiencing Win10 AU Webcam Fail problems following the recent anniversary update.

  • Windows Self-Healing Tool in Test

    Ed Tittel 19 Aug 2016
  • The Windows Self-Healing Tool for Windows 10 Anniversary Update is currently in test, and attempts to fix various freezing issues some users have reported.

  • Office is Everywhere

    Margaret Jones - Executive Editor 18 Aug 2016
  • There are more versions and types of Office than ever before, which means companies of all sizes have some decisions to make when they migrate to a new version of Microsoft’s productivity suite. ...

  • Anniversary Update Display Scaling Changes

    Ed Tittel 17 Aug 2016
  • Windows PC can get wonky when docking or adding a display while a user is logged in. James Burrage explains Anniversary Update display scaling changes to better handle such situations.