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  • Windows Key Shortcuts in Win10

    Ed Tittel 16 Mar 2015
  • Thanks to a recent article at I came across this weekend, I've been wondering if there isn't some master repository of keyboard shortcuts for the latest and soon-to-be-greatest ...

  • Removing Phantom Printers from Client PCs

    Ed Tittel 06 Mar 2015
  • I went to print a phone card for my wife this morning, and wound up lost for a while in the "Hall of Mirrors" section of the Windows OS. In this case, I knew I needed to print to the Dell color ...

  • Driver Cleanup Remains a Solid Disk Space Reclamation Tactic

    Ed Tittel 02 Mar 2015
  • Back in 2011, I blogged here about a program named DriverStore Explorer. Aka RAPR, this is a CodePlex project that when run in administrative mode enables users to see all drivers in the Windows ...

  • OK, I'll Bite into Start10 ... Now What?

    Ed Tittel 27 Feb 2015
  • Anybody who's read this blog for any length of time has witnessed me repeatedly and enthusiastically recommending Stardock's great product, Start8, as a Windows start menu add-in/replacement for ...

  • Dastardly Driver Download Delivers Browser Hijack(s)

    Ed Tittel 25 Feb 2015
  • This weekend, I installed a HighPoint RocketU 1144C on my production PC, in search of solutions to a USB 3 drive access problem. There's a PLX PCIe 8609 DMA controller on that board, apparently ...

  • Interesting Win10 Driver Problem on Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130

    Ed Tittel 23 Feb 2015
  • By and large, I've got to give Dell credit for a winning solution in their 11" Venue Pro tablet with detachable keyboard. It's on par, features and power-wise with equivalent Surface Pro 3 models ...

  • Clean (Re)Install Benefits from Driver Backup Utility

    Ed Tittel 20 Feb 2015
  • In reading over an interesting article on Ars Technica this morning, I realized that many online sources (including the otherwise redoubtable Ars) that describe how to reinstall Windows to ...

  • Don't Forget About RecImgMgr

    Ed Tittel 18 Feb 2015
  • Slimware Utilities is the company behind RecImg Manager, a program that can capture and restore modern-format Windows images. This is the same kind of image that Windows 8 or 10 uses, when you ...

  • Puzzling Intel Chipset Situation

    Ed Tittel 13 Feb 2015
  • I've been a big fan of the Intel Driver Update Utility for years, especially since the company published the standalone program version (v2.0) in mid-2014. With the introduction of the 10.x.x.x ...

  • KB 3001652 Goes Bad on Update Tuesday

    Ed Tittel 11 Feb 2015
  • Oho! Yesterday was "Update Tuesday," the second Tuesday of the month. Tuning into Windows Update just after lunch I noticed a big batch of updates (38 on Windows 8.1 systems with MS Office 2013 ...