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  • Another Free Win7 Life Extension

    Ed Tittel 17 Feb 2019
  • In announcing a preview of its Microsoft Virtual Desktop Azure-based technology, MS sneakily offers another free Win7 life extension. Very interesting!

  • MS Win7 Cert Exams Expire July 31

    Ed Tittel 06 Jul 2018
  • When S Win7 Cert Exams expire July 31 they signal that today's reigning Windows version is nearing the end of its lifecycle. With 900-plus million devices still running Win7, lots of change is at hand.

  • WUMT Resolves Update Woes Yet Again

    Ed Tittel 27 Jun 2018
  • When one of my laptops balks at completing the update check for a current cumulative update, WUMT resolves update woes yet again for Windows 10.