Windows Enterprise Desktop

January 2009

Enterprise desktop management

  • Other Uses for a Bootable WinPE UFD

    Ed Tittel 28 Jan 2009
  • I've just finished writing a story for Tom's Guide on using a bo0table WinPE UFD, and doing the research  for that story led me to a few interesting discoveries. First and foremost, no ...

  • Using the WinPE Boot UFD, Part 1

    Ed Tittel 14 Jan 2009
  • This weekend, I was fooling around with my Windows Home Server machine (a very nice HP EX475 MediaSmart Server) and found myself forced to repeatedly reinstall the Windows Home Connector software ...

  • Create a bootable WinPE UFD

    Ed Tittel 07 Jan 2009
  • Everybody knows what a UFO is, but let me remind readers that Microsoft interprets UFD as "USB Flash Drive." Thus, what I'm about to describe is best understood as how to create a bootable Flash ...