Windows Enterprise Desktop

November 2010

Enterprise desktop management

  • Interesting New System Shenanigans

    Ed Tittel 19 Nov 2010
  • I'm currently in the throes of building a new primary production PC, and getting ready to migrate from my current production machine to its immanent successor. As I've gone through the latest build ...

  • Tempting Fate Doesn't Always Pay Off

    Ed Tittel 15 Nov 2010
  • I've got an older, but still pretty powerful HP notebook I use for testing and watching the occasional video. It's a HDX9203KW, aka "The Dragon" because of its snazzy exterior design. With 8 GB of ...

  • Way Cool Repair Tool: Reimage

    Ed Tittel 05 Nov 2010
  • I read Windows Secrets regularly (a newsletter from Brian Livingston, Woody Leonhard, and a whole crew of other Windows stalwarts and experts). As I skimmed over the last issue, I chortled at the ...