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  • Self-Inflicted Spurious $SysReset Folder

    Ed Tittel 17 Jan 2020
  • I call it a self-Inflicted spurious $SysReset folder because if you start and cancel the Windows Reset operation in Windows 10, you'll find that folder on your system drive. It's safe to delete, so ...

  • NirSoft DriveLetterView Shows Assigned Win10 Drive Letters

    Ed Tittel 08 Jan 2020
  • NirSoft DriveLetterView shows assigned Win10 drive letters, both for active, mounted drives and removable drives previously installed but not currently present. Very handy!

  • 2004 Gets New Network Status

    Ed Tittel 26 Dec 2019
  • Windows 10 2004 gets new Network Status look and info, and shows how Settings continues to supplant the Control Panel widgets.

  • Missing Secunia PSI

    Ed Tittel 24 Dec 2019
  • As I try one more time to find a reasonable replacement, once again I find myself missing Secunia PSI, the capable and comprehensive PC software scan-and-update utility that's been defunct since 2016.

  • Is WU Slowing Down?

    Ed Tittel 16 Dec 2019
  • When I realize how slowly Windows Update responds on some older PCs, I ask: Is WU slowing down? Subsequent research shows the answer is "no." I'm glad!

  • MFA Offers Real Security Protection: Use It!

    Ed Tittel 12 Dec 2019
  • A recent study for 2019 (Jan-Mar) finds 44 M re-used credential sets among Microsoft and Azure AD account holders. Because MFA offers real security protection, MS recommends its use whenever ...

  • Nirsoft Releases Windows Update History Viewer

    Ed Tittel 11 Nov 2019
  • Given that Nirsoft releases Windows Update History Viewer (free software), Windows 10 power users and admins alike will want to take this informative tool for a spin.