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Contributor(s): Eddie Lockhart

The Get Windows 10 app is an application that automatically appears on qualified versions of Windows 7 or 8.1 desktops to check if the device is certified for an update to Windows 10. The app also provides details on key Windows 10 features and facilitates the upgrade process.

To ensure his computer is qualified for a free upgrade to Windows 10, a user must make sure Windows Update is turned on and that all of the most recent updates are installed on his computer. Once he has done this, the Get Windows 10 app icon appears in the notifications section of the task bar. It looks like the Windows flag logo. The user can then click on the logo to launch the app, then click “Reserve Your Free Upgrade.” This adds the user to the Windows 10 upgrade queue.

The wait time between reserving an upgrade and actually receiving it is based on the compatibility of a user's device and the overall demand for the operating system at the time. The users can enter his email addresses into the app if he wants to receive a reservation confirmation.

The Get Windows 10 app delivers a notification to the user when his computer reaches the front of the line to install Windows 10. The user can then either upgrade immediately or wait until a more convenient time.

The Get Windows 10 app does not appear on users' screens if they did not activate their devices with a genuine license, if they are missing updates, if their devices are connected to a domain or mobile device management service, if they are using enterprise editions of Windows, or if they are running Windows RT or Windows 8.1 RT.

This was last updated in October 2015

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What has your experience been like dealing with Windows 10 upgrades?
Annoyance. Misery. We are incredibly weary of Microsoft's endless updates and bug fixes. We would much prefer to have installed a finished product, ready for release, instead of hand-holding MS's slow progress to the release they should have released in the first place. Other than a few brave (or foolish) souls, we are sticking with 7 which seems to finally be done.   
So far, I performed the upgrade on my personal machine to get a feel for the issues that I would encounter later. The upgrade itself went well. I ran Windows 10 for about 4 hours, then rolled back to Windows 8.1 due to some hardware incompatibility issues.
I know it's asking a lot, but MS needs a program that tells them when it's ready to issue the latest OS. Please. I'm so weary of being an unpaid MS beta tester.
What has your experience been like dealing with Windows 10 upgrades?