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Contributor(s): Edward Lockhart

A disk analyzer is a piece of software that checks drives for space and usage and explores files and folders visually, simplifying file cleanup and optimization.

This software assesses the size for each folder, subfolder and file in a folder or drive and generally generates a graphical chart that reveals the disk usage distribution according to specific user benchmarks. It allows you to see exactly where the most space is being taken up so you can delete what you don't need.

A disk analyzer is particularly useful for identifying old or unnecessary files or downloads so that you can remove them and free up space.

This takes the intensive labor out of keeping disks free of unnecessary file clutter, including dupe files, obsolete registries and more.

Traditionally, disk analyzers have been best suited for managing data on the types of solid-state drives (SSDs) found in tablet PCs. Now SSDs are also being used in laptops and Windows desktops in place of hard disks.

Because SSDs have a much smaller capacity than hard disks, the disk space optimization that disk analyzers provide is in high demand.

Some of the top free disk analyzers on the market are available, such as WinDirStat from Microsoft, Utilisoft from Glary Utilities and the SpaceSniffer freeware product.

This was last updated in February 2015

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What disk analyzer do you use and why?
My preferred disk analyzer of all time is DiskAnalyzer Pro. With this tool, I can view a consumption report for my hard drive grouped by file types, file size, file attributes, file attributes and file date. It makes it easy to spot proliferated, as well as duplicate files. My top reasons why I prefer DiskAnalyzer pro are; detailed HDD consumption report, custom search criteria, and easy identification and deletion of junk and temporary files.
Thanks for the comment, Ashley50 -- have you tried any disk analyzers you didn't like? and could you say why you like DiskAnalyzer Pro more than others?