The go-to Windows PowerShell guide

Last updated:May 2017

Editor's note

IT administrators are always on the lookout for ways to make their lives more efficient. PowerShell can help them by simplifying tasks through automation.

When IT admins have a strong understanding of how to use Windows PowerShell, they can get the most out of it. Whether admins are starting at the basic level, or looking for new ways to advance PowerShell capabilities, there are tips and tricks to learn. Navigating installers or enabling PowerShell Direct can cut down how much time admins spend on repetitive tasks and in turn boost productivity.

It is vital that IT stays on top of the latest security threats as well. PowerShell has been hit hard with security attacks. Use this PowerShell guide to stay one step ahead and learn the top risks to PowerShell security as well as how to prevent them.

1Captain the PowerShell ship

Now that you got your feet wet, learn how to navigate a network using the PowerShell framework to simplify task management. IT admins can use PowerShell to automate software deployment, making updates timelier. Companies working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can now work with PowerShell as well, which makes weathering the storm of management that much easier.

2Maneuver the rough seas of PowerShell

IT admins must be wary of the storm of cyber-attacks that can hit when they choose PowerShell to guide the way. IT admins must keep an eye on the horizon for the different types of ransomware attacks and keep things afloat by implementing execution policies and Group Policy.