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May 2017, Vol. 1, No. 3

Top 2017 IT conferences you need to know about

The summer of 2017 IT conferences is just beginning, and there are plenty of opportunities this year for IT pros to travel, network and learn about the topics important to them. Four experts share the top 2017 IT conferences they are most looking forward to and why. Willem Bagchus messaging and collaboration specialist, United Bank Enterprise Mobility Exchange. I'm actually speaking at that one. My main interest in going to these conferences is meeting the people who attend. You can be in IT for a long time and see a lot of things, but it's only by talking with others that you really learn how things actually work in production. You're going to pick up pointers, and that just makes you better at what you do.  Steve Damadeo IT infrastructure manager, Festo Steve Damadeo ET6 Exchange is a small environment and gives you the opportunity to engage one-on-one in industry verticals and see what is working for people and what's not. We'll all be doing research and talking to vendors as projects or needs come up within our organizations...

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