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March 2018, Vol. 2, No. 2

How AI and machine learning affect end-user computing

End-user computing administrators need to start paying attention to AI and machine learning, not because these technologies will take over their jobs, but because they can bring productivity benefits to both business software and IT management tools. As AI and machine learning capabilities grow in employees' applications, IT must know how to handle them, what data they can help glean, and how to get users involved in the customization process. This month's cover story explores how AI affects end-user computing and why users themselves are at the forefront of this issue.

In addition, this month's Deep Dive article looks at chatbots and how they can benefit the enterprise. Our columnists explain more about how AI can transform workflow processes and why IT should consider Macs for business use. Plus, the Device Spotlight shines on Samsung's latest Android flagship, the Galaxy S9, which brings a few fun new features for consumer and business users.

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