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November/December 2017, Vol. 1, No. 8

What's your biggest concern with machine learning and AI?

AI and machine learning capabilities are coming to end-user applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Box, as well as IT tools such as Citrix and VMware's data analytics services. Administrators must keep an eye on this trend as big data balloons and security becomes a major worry. Three IT pros share their biggest concerns when it comes to machine learning and AI for end-user computing. James Jordan systems engineer, Starkey Mortgage It is a double-edged sword. AI will generate code faster, generate programs faster. But then that also means that it will need more manpower to actually make it work. It is a steamroller effect. Control is something I'm obviously concerned with: Where does the data go? Where does it come from? How is it generating the data? How much data is generated? Brad Tompkins CEO, VMware User Group I can see where it can make things easier, but in production a lot of people are hesitant. I am sure we will get there. We amass tons of data. The people that can mine and understand that data are going to get ...

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