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September 2017, Vol. 1, No. 6

Why IT needs a standard application install package

One of IT's biggest responsibilities is to acquire, prepare and deliver Windows applications to employees. But oftentimes, different groups within the same organization process the same applications in unique ways. IT pros need a common application install package they can use to deliver software after they've customized it toward their companies' needs. Different IT groups tend to use different techniques for application packaging and delivery that are dictated by the deployment method they will use at the end of the process. The group that deploys applications using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager has a different process than the group that deploys apps directly in the desktop image. Packaging an application in Microsoft App-V or VMware ThinApp is again different. If a group uses app layering, it might not even have a formal process yet. And the Citrix team always does its own thing. By using completely different processes for different apps delivered to different departments, IT tends to duplicate efforts and ...

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