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March 2017, Vol. 1, No. 1

Samsung Chromebook Pro stands out from the pack

The Chromebook Pro's premium design, quality build and Samsung S Pen stylus support separate it from the dozens of low-cost Chromebooks on the market. It's also the first Chromebook built specifically to support Google Android apps. Enterprise note takers will be pleased using the S Pen with Google Keep, a productivity app for creating notes, lists and reminders. The Chromebook Pro analyzes and predicts pen movements in Keep through a cloud-based service, which aims to provide a smooth and responsive inking experience. This feature is limited to Keep for now, but Google and Samsung plan to open the API to developers of other apps. The Samsung Chromebook Pro's 360-degree display hinge is reminiscent of that of Lenovo's popular Yoga line. The device doubles as a tablet and notebook, with tent and stand modes for propping up the Chromebook as a display, sans keyboard. The S Pen slots into the device, making it easier to carry around and harder to lose. On the downside, business users familiar with Windows could be turned off by the...

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