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December/January issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

End users say 'no thanks' to touch changes in Windows 8

Now that Windows 8 has been released, every enterprise IT department is playing the “If, when, how” game to determine how Windows 8 will be rolled out. So, for enterprise IT folks, I’d like to add another data point to your calculations: The perspective of end users is, “No thanks!” Seriously, we’re fine with Windows 7. Don’t go to Windows 8 on our behalf. While there’s debate in the press about how much Microsoft is spending to advertise the Windows 8 launch, we consumers can see that the budget is huge. Billboards, TV commercials, online banners, bus wraps and full-page magazine cover wraps throw Windows 8 in our faces. And yeah, every Windows-based computer or tablet that we get this holiday season will run the operating system, but that doesn’t change our core position on Windows 8 at work, which is, “No thanks—really. We’re good!” From a user standpoint, the biggest change in Windows 8 is the new touch-based tile start screen, which replaces the traditional desktop. While it looks awesome on a tablet, it doesn’t make sense ...

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