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Dell Latitude D430 excels in portability, longevity and build quality

Dell's current ultraportable notebook features a host of technologies to create one of the smallest machines that still maintains a respectable amount of battery life and computing power.

The Dell Latitude D430 is Dell's current ultraportable offering that features the Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Core Solo, ULV Core Duo, ULV Core 2 Duo, and a host of other technologies in order to create one of the smallest 12.1" machines that still maintains a respectable amount of battery life and computing power.


  • Cheap when purchased used from Dell Outlet.
  • Still a good value when purchased new from Dell.
  • Excellent chassis sturdiness, above average LCD bezel sturdiness.
  • Top notch keyboard, average touchpad.
  • Incredibly tiny laptop that still packs a respectable punch.
  • Sharp screen when viewed head on.
  • Ambient light sensor actually works well.
  • Low powered single core and dual core processors available, all of them being speedy enough for general usage.
  • Respectable battery life, smart BIOS that prevent notebook from booting when closed.
  • Cons
  • External DVD drive (for some this may be a pro though).
  • Average to below-average viewing angles.
  • HDD transfer speeds
  • Worthless WiFi switch, could have been another USB port.
  • Needs another USB port, only three on the system.
  • Horrid speaker.
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