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Learn how EzRAID DD4 MicroRAID helps back up and protect SATA drives.

The EzRAID DD4 MicroRAID is a back-up protection device for Serial ATA (SATA drives designed for small footprint computer systems.).

EzRAID DD4 MicroRAID, which features DupliDisk4 (DDR) RAID 1 drive mirroring technology, provides real-time backup protection for SATA drives.

With two 2.5" laptop size drives, the MicroRAID includes SATA RAID 1 and facilitates hardware disk mirroring for computer users.

Additional EzRAID DD4 MicroRAID features include:

  • The product fits 2.5" SATA drives plus a SATA RAID mirroring controller into a single unit that fits into a 3.5" drive bay
  • Data can be sent to both drives simultaneously
  • Compatibility with SATA drives and Raid 1 solutions

System requirements: Windows or Linux OS

Pricing: The MicroRAID costs $259.00

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