Letter #5: Adware is insidious

Removing adware from a workstation requires tools like rootkit revealer and even then that is not enough.

Our Editor in Chief Marilyn Cohodas posed some questions on the state of malware prevention in the industry to our readers in her weekly editorial. Below is one of the responses. Read the original editorial.

From T.C.

The thing I am seeing now is adware that is so tenacious; the only way I have successfully rid the workstations of it is a reformat and reload. There doesn't seem to be anything that can detect and remove all of it.

You disconnect the workstation from the network, start in safe mode, scan everything with a dozen different products, remove all the BHO's, manually look at every place in the registry where a startup can hide, run a rootkit revealer, reboot, get on-line, and voila… the pop-ups are back.

These things totally disrupt productivity and moral of the users and really make my blood boil to boot !

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