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Mastery of Excel pivot tables can help IT admins monitor contracts

Desktop admins can use Excel pivot tables for the critical task of tracking support contracts and software warranties and communicating costs.

Most desktop administrators already know Excel as a part of the Microsoft Office suite, but Excel features can be especially useful to IT for tracking contracts, planning priorities and even promoting one's career. Expert Gary Olsen explains why the application isn't just for end users in this series of Excel tips.

Excel pivot tables can help IT admins track support, costs

IT professionals need to communicate clearly with business management and demonstrate their ability to contain costs. Excel pivot tables can help you monitor and justify expenses if you know how to filter their data. We look at an example of tracking a support contract.

Set IT support and reporting priorities with an Excel pivot table

To make full use of Excel features for analysis and reporting, you should be able to use an Excel pivot table to sort reported data by location, date or other criteria.

Polish your IT reporting by tinkering with Excel table formatting

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It's one thing to gather and read support data in an Excel table, but for IT reporting to be most useful for collaboration, you need to know how to format, save and update Excel pivot tables.

Track software licenses and IT support with Excel date functions

Desktop admins can take advantage of  Microsoft's Excel features for calculating dates, avoiding reliance on third-party software for tracking licenses and IT support contracts.

Use Excel's IF statement to track, save on IT support contract costs

A simple Excel function can help IT control costs. See how the IF statement can help you monitor compliance with an IT support contract and track software warranties.

Are there other Microsoft Office capabilities hidden in plain sight that can help IT? Let us know in the comments!

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