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NX Client for Windows 3.2.0

Learn how NX Client for Windows 3.2.0 helps with securing remote access, application delivery and hosted desktop deployment.


The NX Client for Windows version 3.2.0 is an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, application delivery and hosted desktop deployment.

When used with an appropriate NX server, NX Client for Windows 3.2.0 allows Windows users to access any remote desktop or application that is made available to them on either the NX Server or using the NX server as a gateway to a Windows machine.

Additional NX Client for Windows 3.2.0 capabilities includes:


  • Allows users to access from any location without access data stored on the PC they are using with kiosk support

  • Allows the server to be accessed by multiple users from the same access point

  • Provides support for Windows users and in RDP sessions running remotely, such as better keyboard support and copy&paste function

System requirements: Windows XP or Vista, and NP Server for Linux or Solaris.

Pricing: NX Client for Windows 3.2.0 pricing varies. NX Client for Windows is free when used with NX Free Edition, which allows two concurrent sessions to attain access to the server. Subscriptions are available according to the number of remote sessions required. NX Small Business Server Subscription, which provides up to 10 concurrent sessions, costs $744.50.

This was last published in March 2009

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