Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2: Chapter 10, 'Setting Up a Wireless Connection'

Access to the Internet is easier than ever thanks to wireless networks. XP's latest Service Pack has had a noticeable impact on the configuration and management of wireless connections. This chapter deals with wireless technologies, but also more generally with Service Pack 2.

Spring Into Windows Get a glimpse inside Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2 , with this excerpt from Chapter 10, "Setting Up a Wireless Connection."

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Chapter Summary:
Wires create clutter and nobody wants to stay tethered to the wall. Cordless phones were just the beginning. Find out how to set up a wireless Internet connection for your Windows XP laptop in this chapter. Topics covered include:

  • Types of Wireless Access
  • What's Down the Road
  • Wireless Network Adapters
  • Connect to an Existing Wireless Network
  • Disable the Existing Network Connection
  • Secure the Wireless Connection with 802.1x
  • Infrared Communication and more!

This chapter download from Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2by Brian Culp is printed with permission from Addison-Wesley Professional, Copyright 2005.

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