The best desktop developments of 2010: Really cheap storage

Storage is getting cheaper, but how low can it go? See what else made our list of the best and worst enterprise desktop developments of 2010.


The best of 2010: Really cheap storage

Really cheap storage

Storage is getting cheaper, but how low can it go? Your average laptop now has more disk space than some mainframes, and prices continue to drop. A 64 GB USB drive costs around $150 (just don't lose the thing without password-protecting or encrypting it, please). The same amount of money will buy you at least a couple of 2 TB hard drives. Remember when a single-gigabyte SCSI drive cost $1,000? Of course, back then, DOS programs occupied only a few kilobytes before we needed to store our entire CD and DVD collections and take them with us.

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This was last published in December 2010

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