The best desktop developments of 2010: Virtual PBXs mature

Vendors are maturing and costs are coming down so businesses can afford virtual PBXs. See what else made our list of the best and worst desktop developments of the year.


The best of 2010: Virtual PBXs grow

Virtual PBXs mature
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There are many cloud-based or virtual private branch exchanges (PBXs) that let you make calls with an Ethernet-connected IP phone or a piece of software running on your PC. Outfits such as 8x8, Cloudvox, IfByPhone, Jaduka, Jazinga, Twilio, Voxygen and Voxeo can supply capable business phone systems. Probably none of these are familiar to you now, but by this time next year, they almost certainly will be. Vendors are finally maturing, and costs are coming down to the point where small businesses can afford to use these systems without having to hire someone to set them up.


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