The worst desktop developments of 2010: Google Wave comes -- and goes

While Google Wave had some interesting features, it was too cumbersome to be a part of most users' desktops. See what else made the list of the best and worst of 2010.


The worst of 2010: Google Wave comes -- and goes

Google Wave comes -- and goes
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Google Wave was announced in May 2009 and released to the public a year later -- but it quickly vanished. (Google announced in August that Wave would no longer be a standalone product.) While the product had some interesting features that supported real-time collaboration and conversations, it was too cumbersome and too different to be a part of most users' desktops. Think of it as Google's answer to Microsoft's Groove, which also came and went quickly for similar reasons. Wave formed the basis for a similar product from Novell -- first called Pulse, now Vibe -- that went into beta in November 2010.

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