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Top 10 Microsoft desktop developments this past summer

Microsoft desktop news didn't slow down this summer; see our top 10 articles on Windows 8 and its predecessors, Office 2013 features and more.

What were the biggest Microsoft desktop developments this past summer? As students return to school, retailers look ahead to the holidays and governmental IT braces for a new fiscal year, it's a good time to look back at SearchEnterpriseDesktop's most popular Windows and Office articles of 2014 so far.

Not surprisingly, readers were interested in what to do after the Windows XP end of support. Windows 8.1 features and compatibility issues followed, and enterprises are weighing Office 365 versus Office 2013. See what troubleshooting tips, operating system capabilities and user concerns your peers are following.

10. Five things to remember around the Windows XP end of life

Both before and after the end of Microsoft's official support for Windows XP, IT professionals have scrambled to upgrade to new OSes. However, they must make some significant decisions about security and costs.

9. Windows 8 Group Policy settings can help control the Windows 8.1 UI

Windows 8.1 includes new Group Policy settings that could improve Microsoft desktop configuration and personalization. Let's take a look at some potentially useful ones to add to administrators' toolboxes.

8. Windows 8.1 draws shrugs from IT pros, even as Microsoft preps Windows 9

Microsoft has promised to release software updates at a faster pace, but how interested is enterprise IT in Windows 9 when Windows 8.1 adoption has been relatively slow?

7. Microsoft plans for more changes to Office 365 subscriptions and pricing

Office 365 subscription plans will be rebranded in October. Microsoft said it will provide subscribers a higher user cap, reduced fees and more value for their money.

6. Windows 8.1 Media Center can be added to Windows 8 Pro

Users accustomed to recording TV in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 were unhappy to learn that Media Center wasn't bundled with Windows 8. But they can download Windows 8.1 Media Center.

5. Universal apps might be the Trojan horse for business adoption of Windows 8

Microsoft's universal applications have developers and some IT experts excited, but will they really stimulate enterprise interest in Windows 8.1 and future OS versions?

4. Microsoft Office 2013 tempts IT with new features

Many IT admins are skeptical about whether an upgrade to Office 2013 or Windows 8.1 is worth their time and effort. However, they might reconsider after seeing Microsoft Office 2013 features, such as links to OneDrive and the cloud.

3. Where can Windows XP holdouts go after the end of XP support?

Although Microsoft's Windows XP end-of-life date has passed, organizations not yet ready or willing to migrate shouldn't despair. Third-party vendors continue to provide options for software compatibility, security and browser support.

2. Surface Pro 3 could eclipse Windows RT Surface devices

Early Surface Pro 3 adopters eagerly await the new Windows tablet to outfit their mobile workers, but questions remain for the future of the Surface Windows RT lineup.

1. Ten little-known Windows command prompt tricks

All Microsoft desktop admins should have these Windows command prompt tricks up their sleeves to save time and make endpoint device management a bit easier.

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