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Top Web security tips of 2006

Check out the top five Web security tips of 2006 to get advice on securing Internet Explorer, ISA Server and Radius and a set of tools designed to secure the Web browsing experience.

Historically, Internet Explorer has been one of the most attractive targets for hackers. With a wide assortment...

of vulnerabilities and attack methods coupled with a group of unlicensed users at the helm, IE is one application you can't afford to leave unsecured.

The top five Web security tips of 2006 are aimed at helping you accomplish exactly that. We offer helpful hints on how IE7 can make your life easier, optimal security settings and deciding what sites can and cannot be accessed in the application. We also offer advice on ISA Server and Radius, as well as a set of tools designed to secure the Web browsing experience.

Optimizing Internet Explorer security settings
Achieving the perfect balance between usability and security within Internet Explorer can be a tricky business. Contributor Brien Posey recommends the use of IE content zones and he also explains how to import and distribute a list of restricted sites using Group Policy.

Importing restricted sites into IE
How to import a restricted site list into Internet Explorer through Group Policy.

Free tools defend against malicious Web sites in the enterprise
No matter how hard average users try to avoid the dark side of the Web, there is no guarantee of safe Web browsing in the enterprise. These free tools recommended by contributor Tony Bradley will help protect your users (and your network) from threats lurking on the Web.

ISA Server and RADIUS
You can combine Microsoft's firewall and authentication service to enable remote access and enhanced security. Contributor Brien Posey explains the functions of ISA Server and IAS, Microsoft's RADIUS implementation, and how they work together.

Internet Explorer 7: How it can make your life easier
Internet Explorer 7 is still in beta, but knowing and using the new security features in IE 7 can make any security administrator's life easier. Contributor and Microsoft MVP Brien Posey highlights some of the features that should be ready for prime time soon and others that will surface when Vista does.

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