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Windows 8 Enterprise offers admin capabilities absent in Windows 8 Pro

Desktop admins should carefully consider OS editions -- Windows 8 Enterprise provides options for connectivity and control that Windows 8 Pro lacks.

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As enterprises continue to consider whether or not to adopt Microsoft's latest operating system, administrators need to understand the differences between Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 Pro. The enterprise edition has several features that IT shops may find essential.

Among these useful features in Windows 8 Enterprise are Windows To Go, which allows users to boot the OS from a USB flash drive, and DirectAccess, which provides corporate connectivity similar to that of a virtual private network.

Microsoft RemoteFX helps maintain the user experience for virtual desktops, and BranchCache allows files to be stored centrally without placing demands on WAN connections.

Windows 8 Enterprise also includes AppLocker, which admins can use to control the applications that are run on desktops. Application sideloading is a way for organizations to publish approved Metro-style apps directly to desktops without going through the Windows Store.

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Which version of Windows have you adopted or do you expect to adopt?
Windows 8 Enterprise features sounds nice. Would like to try in near future.
now all we need for our enterprise environments is a feature called boot to desktop and that gimmick called start menu
Will Purchase today
Still using mostly XP with a few Win7 machines on a SBS 2011 Server
Windows 8 is unwanted by everyone that has used it. Why in the world would anyone curse themselves with Windows 8. Seems like ME and Vista revisited.
Don't see the move to win8 with the current interface. Perhaps after the "update".
Bringing back the Start Button that does nothing more than provide yet one more means to take one back to the hated, productivity-killing, single-window, no-taskbar, touchy-feely, flashy-blinky Metro UI screen instead of actually restoring the Start Menu is hardly addressing the issue. It's more like a spit in the face to Microsoft's remaining PC users.

Furthermore, if Microsoft was sincere in honoring the wishes of users who choose to boot to desktop in 8.1, they would also automatically alter ALL of the file associations that they ordinarily default to Metro back to any desktop programs that support those file associations. They would also restore the Start Menu.

Of course, by not doing any of the above, the boot to desktop option is merely a hollow sop whereby Microsoft can pretend they are "listening" to their users and pretend they're still interested in the enterprise and SMB PC markets, because without the file association changes, one still mysteriously and automagically ends up back in the execrable Metro over and over again, creating chaotic confusion for most users who don't have a clue as to what is going on, where they went to, how they got there, and even worse, how to get OUT of Metro UI!

Bottom line, Windows 8.xxxxxxx still doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hades of being adopted by the enterprise and SMB. That well has already poisoned, not to mention the fact that IT folks at these places aren't fooled by nonsense like Ballmer's "refined blend", which sounds like it was lifted from a bad 1970's TV ad for instant coffee crystals or a "premium" motor oil.

The "refinded blend" of Windows 8.1 is akin to Coke "refining" New Coke by "blending" half original Coke and half New Coke and putting it in new cans and telling their customers that they were "listening" to them! Microsoft's users can tell the difference between a kick in the teeth and actually being listened to. This "refined blend" is being NOT listened to and it is NOT going to go well at all for Microsoft.

The enterprise and SMB are still going to skip Windows 8.xxxx just like they did with Vista and hope Microsoft comes to their senses with Windows 9 after Ballmer is fired. And if Microsoft still insists on shoveling out cell-phone operating systems on the PC after Windows, then the enterprise and SMB will start to seriously look at non-Microsoft alternatives.
window7 is my favourite...
i like windows 8 enterprise upgrade to windows 8.1 enterprise............